Lab and Project Experience:

Beginning Therapists Lab, Columbia University Teachers College (Sept. 2013 – Present)
Researching the experiences of beginning therapists, exploring the following questions: with whom do trainees discuss their cases outside of supervision; which parts of the therapy process require the most courage from new therapists; and how much self-disclosure do new therapists engage in with their supervisors?  Currently conducting literature reviews, continuing distribution of survey, and beginning data analysis. 

Harvard General Education Program Analysis (March - May 2013)
Worked with a team to analyze a large quantity of confidential course response data to research the effectiveness of Harvard’s undergraduate General Education program.  Utilized techniques of data analysis and representation to develop a presentation for the General Education department, sharing our findings on the program’s most and least effective practices, identifying specific areas for curricular and program improvement. 

New England Consortium on Assessment & Student Learning, Assistant (May 2009 – Sept. 2010)
Conducted interviews with undergraduates over four semesters for Trinity College’s involvement in the New England Consortium on Assessment and Student Learning (NECASL), a longitudinal study exploring how students learn and make decisions in college.  Organized interviews, reviewed transcriptions, cleansed transcripts, and coded data. 

Trinity College Psychology Department, Research Assistant (Jan. 2008 – May 2010)
Performed journal research and wrote abstracts for preliminary research on social support in Asian American and Latino cultures.  Recruited research participants, conducted interviews and focus groups, transcribed recordings, compiled codebooks, and completed basic and descriptive statistical analyses. 

CT Fair Housing Center, Fair Housing Assistant (Jan. – May 2009)
Created database and visual media of settlement, outreach, and complainant data for the CT Fair Housing Center, a non-profit legal organization.  Identified and contacted organizations for partnerships.  Created first annual company newsletter. 


Related Coursework:

Using Data to Support Decision-Making and Improvement in Higher Education, Harvard University
Covered survey design and analysis, information design, and deliberation and use of data for institutional improvement.  (Spring 2013)

Psychological Assessment, Trinity College
Examined methods used to assess intellectual qualities, personality characteristics, and overt behavior differences in individuals.  Covered objective test construction, behavioral observation, interview processes, achievement and intelligence testing, and projective techniques.  (Spring 2009) 

Visually Displaying Data, Trinity College
Examined effective and coherent communication of data and statistics through visual representation.  (Fall 2008)

Research Design and Analysis, Trinity College
Provided intensive review of methods used in collecting, analyzing, and evaluating psychological data.   Covered foundational principles of research design and analysis, including description, bias, hypotheses, theory, and descriptive techniques.  (Fall 2006)

Related Skills and Proficiencies:

                  SPSS Software for predictive analysis

                  NVivo Software for qualitative and mixed methods research

                  Qualtrics and SurveyMonkey web-based tools for survey development and distribution

                  Microsoft Excel for creating clear and appropriate charts and graphs; experience with Pivot Tables


Publications and Projects:

                The Effects of Data Representation on How Individuals Perceive Results (2009). 

                Designing Effective Google Maps for Social Change: A Case Study of SmartChoices (2009).